Monday, July 5, 2010

A Birth Story: Part Two

I remember the commotion as the doctor ran into the room. That and intense pressure. And the feeling that my entire left side was breaking away from the right. Dr. D gowned up and pulled out the stir ups. The nurses lifted my legs up and I knocked one of them over with the right one.

Anesthesia swooped into give me a booster dose of medication so that I wouldn't feel stage two. I almost shooed them away since they had done such a stellar job the first time around.

I remember looking up and seeing the TV. It was turned off and in its blackness, I could see everything. 'Don't look', I told myself.

They asked me to do a test push and when I did, their eyes widened and the doctor said to stop. My mom grabbed my left leg and 'The Hubs' had my right.

Push 1: I felt like was out of my body. 'This doesn't feel real', I thought. I could not believe that it was all happening so quickly.

Push 2: I could feel the relief to my ribcage immediately. Then I scolded 'The Hubs' for not holding my leg the same as my mom. He was. It was the right leg. I couldn't feel it.

Push 3: Why was their no rest in between contractions? It was just one push after another and I was getting tired already. Please God, let this end soon. I felt a small snip. An episiotomy...great.

Push 4: Her head was out. "Look at your baby", the doctor said. I couldn't see over the blankets and towels. 'Please don't make me pull her out myself', I prayed.

Push 5: My daughter is born. Please cry, please cry, please cry...thank you.

I immediately looked at the clock. 10:47 am. 9 hours and 17 minutes after I had started.

The doctor cut the cord. It was too short for 'The Hubs' to do it but I think he was secretly relieved. Then they plopped her on my belly and I looked at my girl for the very first time.

In an instant, my heart doubled in size with love.


DeBran said...

Yay! Welcome Chelsea!

devon lorraine ... said...

my eyes completely welled up as i read this. the only reason i did not cry is because i am at work!