Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soakin' Up the Sun

Last weekend was hot and we spent most of it shopping and preparing for 'The Baby' who has yet to make her appearance. I was at Target, picking up a few last minute things, and I saw a mob down the outdoor toy aisle. Of course, I flipped because we hadn't bought any of our summer toys yet and I knew if I didn't snatch some up, they'd be gone before I had another chance to get any. I bought some fun stuff to take to beach and a sprinkler for the backyard.

Of course, 'The Boy' saw the sprinkler and begged to play with it all week long. Our neighbors were doing construction in their backyard this week so I told him he'd have to wait for the weekend.

The day started out gloomy but, right after lunch, the skies cleared and it was perfect weather to play outside. It took 'The Boy' a while to warm up to the idea of running through cold water but eventually he did it and had a blast. Here's to a summer filled with outside fun!

Daddy, setting things up.

Our new sprinkler.

Someone decided that he'd rather mow the lawn.

The water was cold and he wasn't so sure of the sprinkler so he pushed his big wheel around for a bit.

Finally warming up.

He brought all of his outside toys over to the sprinkler for a "car wash".

The car wash.

Taking a bike ride.

Yay! He finally started playing with the sprinkler about a half an hour later.

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DeBran said...

So fun! We have the same toy and the kids love it!