Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was pretty laid back. We didn't have much planned because we had planned on being in the hospital (grrr). Oh, well. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and had a fun day.

We love this man!

We didn't have much food at the house and since I'm not the cook around these parts right now, 'The Boy' and I took Daddy to IHOP for breakfast.

And in the way of pictures, this is the best we could do.

Later that afternoon, Gigi, Pop, and Uncle Mikey came by for a little BBQ. Our poor Daddy had to do almost everything. He went to the grocery store, cooked the food and did the dishes. I owe ya, babe!

The master of the grill!

Hot dogs, lemon pepper chicken and corn...yummy!

Our Daddy and Pop getting ready to open gifts.

Have I mentioned that we loved this man?

'The Boy' helped Pop with his gift.

Pop showing off his home made card from Mikey. I think this is supposed to be a donkey. I did even better by getting Pop birthday cards instead of Father's Day cards. I need to not be pregnant anymore.

'The Boy' and Uncle Mikey.

Sharing a cookie.

Daddy in his new hat.

We love you Dad's and hope you had a great day!

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