Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Brother's Day Out

This past weekend was our last as a family of three. As over this pregnancy as I am, it is still hard for me to believe that we will be a family of four by the end of the week. We have been doing our best to prepare 'The Boy' for his new role as 'Big Brother' and wanted to treat him to a special outing with just Mommy and Daddy before he reports for duty on Friday.

We started with a quick lunch of chicken nuggets (a major favorite) from "Uncle Donald's" (actually, we had to do drive-thru and eat on the way because we were running late). Then, we treated him to his very first movie at the theater! We saw Toy Story 3 and we all loved it. Then we went shopping with Daddy (he needed a new suit) and played on the playground. We also had our ritual pretzels and lemonade which we get every trip to the mall. In fact, he asked, "where's my pretzels?" It was a fun day and so nice to be together as a family of three :).
On our way to "Uncle Donald's".

We listened to his favorite track the whole time we were in the car. That would be #4...Poker Face.

We got to the movie theater just in time for the lights to go out. He was a little scared for a bit and hid under his "Buh-Buh's".

It didn't take him that long to peek out and start watching the movie.

We let him ride in the rental car while we shopped at the mall. I am pretty sure that this is the best $5 I ever spend there. It keeps him occupied forever. I only do it occasionally when I forget the stroller.

He loves to push the elevator buttons so he got to press them every time.

We also let him ride the cheesy merry-go-round. Well, he sat on it and Daddy pushed it around a few times.

We love you, Bud and we know that you are going to be the best Big Brother!

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PB∧Janelle-e said...

Tell Tyler Poker Face is one of my Fav songs to run too! :)