Thursday, June 3, 2010

37 Weeks

Full term! I am so excited to be here. Of course this means nothing being that my first was born on his due date by means of an eviction notice (augmenting induction order). Physically, I have had quite the week. I am super tired and am back to my afternoons snoozing on my former best friend, the couch. I am so swollen; hands, feet, ankles, calves, you name it.

I had an appointment with Dr. D. earlier this week and I have already dilated 1 cm and am 50% effaced. Don't get excited. I could stay that way for ever. I did dilate 1 whole cm with 'The Boy' 5 days before going into to labor that was then further assisted by lots of drugs. We'll see how it goes this time around.

Part of me is D.O.N.E and part of me is sad because these are the last few days/weeks that I will ever be pregnant. I am beyond thrilled to meet our daughter but scared out of my mind to be responsible for two littles at the same time. Arg! I can't stand how emotional this time is.

I still feel totally NOT ready for 'The Baby's' arrival. I have lists upon lists that need to be completed before labor day. And have I mentioned that I totally just don't feel like pushing her out, period? Still not so sure how I can get around that one.
No pics of me this week. I look the same but with an exhausted, puffy face. You didn't think I'd post that, did ya? I'll leave with a picture of what we'll be doing this weekend instead of going to a Dodgers game and Sunday brunch in Newport Beach.

I'm sure nobody will ever let me forget this photo or these lists. Much like I still hear about the ridiculous wedding itinerary I supplied my wedding party with. Hopefully more progress to update next week. The way my luck is, I doubt it.

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Leslie said...

i love this list.