Friday, June 11, 2010

Pooliside at Pala

Gigi and Pop (my mom and step-dad) were staying at Pala Resort for the night and invited 'The Boy' and I to hang out in a cabana by the pool the next day. Of course, we could not pass it up. The pool at the resort is a very relaxing area and the cabana is set up with couches and a TV which is great with kids.

The pool view from our cabana.

Someone was very excited and not willing to wait for his sunscreen to dry.

He went in with Pop and freaked out for a minute. Then he jumped back out. He wanted his Mommy to take him swimming. I think it's time to start those swimming lessons again.

Swimming with Mommy. We sang songs and twirled around before I let him go on his own. He was fine when he realized he had his life jacket on. A little bit later, he even asked to take it off.

Floating around with Pop.

Gigi, getting ready for a swim.

Someone wasn't too happy to get out. We swam for hours!

Enjoying our delicious lunch. 'The Boy', helping me with the condiments. I ate the yummiest crab cake sandwich.

'The Boy' insisted on dressing his hot dog by himself.

His masterpiece. He ate about a quarter of it and it was the quarter that didn't have the pool of mustard on it.

We swam for another couple of hours. It feels so nice to be in the pool. I don't feel pregnant at all until I try to swim for more than a lap. 'The Boy' loves to be in the pool and we don't really have access to one at home (aside form the kiddie pool). We had an extremely fun day.

Napping. Wouldn't you after hours in the sun?

Thank you Gigi and Pop! You can invite us back anytime.

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