Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day was fairly busy. It was filled with shopping the sales and BBQing with family. That's right. We do the typical American family thing.

One thing that is different at our house is we remember and say thank you. Thank you to 'The Hubs' for serving 5 honorable years in the US Navy. Thank you for his service in Afghanistan after his ship was among the first responders in Operation Anaconda, the initial retaliation efforts against the 9-11 attacks. We love you and are so proud of you and your service to our country.

We also remember my Dad who was a Judge Advocate General in the California State Military Reserve. My Dad had never served in the Armed Forces before September 11th but, felt called to duty soon after the attacks. On weekends, he assisted in preparing thousands of troops for their deployments overseas by drawing up wills, powers of attorney, etc. He was very proud to be an American and to serve his country. This Thanksgiving, nearly a year after his death, he was posthumously promoted to the rank of Major. We love and miss you, Daddy.

The morning of Memorial Day, we went shopping and bought my the rest of my birthday present and our ginormous double stroller before heading to my parents house for a BBQ. They had yummy snacks for us and the little pool all set up in the backyard for 'The Boy'. I'll let the pictures (taken with my new Nikon 3000 DSLR- but not the first one) explain the rest of our day.

Jammin' out at Best Buy while I spend all of our money on new camera equipment.

Of course, 'They Boy' had to play with a camera too.

Such a handsome boy. He's watching tv during snack time.

Playing in his "sharkey" pool.


Playing with the slide.

More pool fun.

Using the pool water to fill up his watering can.

Watering GiGi's plants. One of his favorite things to do.

The Boys, cleaning up for the night.

We ate a super yummy BBQ. Thanks for the ribs, as requested, Pop. We finished up the night with delicious strawberry shortcake. It was a wonderful day. Thanks Gigi and Pop for having us over for the day.

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