Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun Day at Sea #1

On our second day aboard the Carnival Splendor, we relaxed on the ship while on the way to warmer waters.

This is what we woke up to. Nothing but water. If you look closely, you can make out a bit of land but I am not sure where it is. 'The Boy' kept saying, "I swim in the oseen". Not yet, Buddy.

What happens when you put together a tired pregnant woman and a room above the ship's nightclub? Crabcakes! Seriously, I had no idea our room was above the nightclub or that I would feel like my bed was on the dance floor at 2 am! (My fault, entirely. I booked the fun saver rate which saved us about $300 but the cruise line had to select our room location. Haha! Joke's on me.) Thank goodness for a coffee shop and lattes!

Playing trains while I wait in the endless line for caffeine. Maybe I was not the only passenger above the nightclub?

We enjoyed some breakfast and the went for a stroll on the top deck. The weather was so nice and it wasn't too windy. We tried so hard to get a good pic of 'The Boy' but there was far too much cool stuff to look at to be bothered with saying "cheese".
How exhausted do I look? Come on caffeine...kick in!

Nice family pic attempt #1

View of the indoor pool

Please look at the camera and smile. Please!

Enjoying a Sprite Zero before heading off to camp

We dropped 'The Boy' off at kid's camp for a few hours and went to the adult swimming pool to relax. I read 2 pages in my book before taking a snooze.

My handsome hubby at the adult pool deck

We picked up 'The Boy' for lunch and sat (indoor) poolside to eat. Then we headed back to the room for nap time.

French fries and a hot dog. Perfect kiddo food. Note: I still look exhausted.

Hanging out on the balcony with a Sweet tea Vodka during nap time

Catching up on some Thomas and Friends after a snooze

Once nap time was over (and it wasn't long) we went back to the Lido Deck to swim for the rest of the afternoon. The pool was heated and 'The Boy' had a blast showing off his swimming skills.


So happy


Kick, kick, kick!

Showering off. He loved sticking his head under the poolside shower and then running away giggling.

That night was the Captain's formal and we thought we'd spare our poor child from all of the boring stuff. We took him to dinner at the buffet and then dropped him off at camp. When I dropped him off, my Mommy's instinct didn't feel right about the situation- there were so many kids in there! 'The Hubs' insisted that he'd be okay and so we left him. I cried in the elevator and then decided that 'The Hubs' was probably right.

We went down to the casino and enjoyed a few drinks (Shirley Temples for me) and just when we were about to head to dinner, our camp issued cell phone rang. All I could hear was my baby screaming in the background. I knew something wasn't right!

We got 'The Boy' and went to dinner as a family and were the only people dressed up, eating lobster tail, with a 2 year-old asleep on our laps. We called it an early night again and we went back to our room at the nightclub.

Next up: Fun Day at Sea #2

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