Monday, February 15, 2010

Come Sail Away

We needed to get away! 'The Hubs' and I were under so much stress from work and home that we decided to take our family vacation super early this year. We figured that the further this pregnancy came along, the less likely we would have any "R and R" before due day.

We chose to cruise (again) with Carnival for 7 days to the Mexican Riviera. This was the best choice for us because it didn't involve flying (so stressful with a 2 year old). Although challenging, we all had so much fun!

We stayed in a balcony stateroom for the first time and enjoyed having access to the fresh air from our room. It was the biggest room we have stayed in on a cruise and Lord knows we needed it!

Our room

The Balcony
Once we got settled onto the ship we went to the Lido deck for some lunch. 'The Boy' was a bit overwhelmed with the atmosphere but behaved as best as any 2 year-old could.

Enjoying the view

"I shake a soogah, Mommy"
After lunch we did a little exploring and went back to our room to rest, unpack and watch a bit of the Superbowl.

Long Beach from our balcony

Our lounge chairs

Watching the game

'The Boy' had some calls to make
Checking out the itinerary for the day

We did some exploring during halftime and found that the ship was showing the game on the big screen by the pool

Waiting to set sail
Playing trains on the balcony. I was praying he didn't throw any of them overboard.

With the baby on the balcony

We had a bunch of business to take care of the first day like signing up 'The Boy' for kids camp and sorting out our dining arrangement. The first day is never the most fun but full of trying to acclimate to the ship. We all took a walk on the top deck after the ship set sail just before dinner.

A blurry pic but had to show his face in the wind.

In the end, we couldn't get the early dinner time but at least we had a small table to ourselves and didn't have to share our starving, exhausted child with any other cruise passengers. Our dinner was delicious but someone wouldn't know.

You try waiting up until 8:30 for chicken nuggets.

We called it an early night! The ship didn't offer babysitting the first night but I don't think that we could have stayed awake if we tried. Our first day was great but the best was yet to come. Day 2: Fun Day at Sea...

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