Saturday, February 20, 2010


We watched our ship pulling to Mazatlan from(sigh) our ocean view window. It was overcast outside but pretty darn warm and humid. We had booked a tour to Stone Island through our cruise ship. It was very interesting. I'll let the pictures do the explaining.

First up, 'The Hubs' enjoying our new view.

The Pontoon boat that took us to Stone Island.

Me and 'The Boy' on the pontoon boat. He was a little sick that day. Thanks a lot cousin Wade!

Daddy and 'The Boy'

Looking at the ocean
Me and my Bud
Our Ship from the pontoon boat

The Pacifico Brewery. Next time, babe.

"Mexican Limos" took us to the beach.

The "resort" we played at. It was really just a restaurant on the beach.

'The Boy' and Edward in the sand.

Checking out the water. It was pretty warm.

Running away from the waves.
I guess that's why they call it Stone Island.
Taking a dip in the ocean.
Playing in the sand.
There were a bunch of vendors harassing, I mean selling a variety of crap, I mean goods, and we bought 'The Boy' some sand toys.
Double fisting. I don't know why you think this is so funny.
This was 'The Boy's' most sick day so we did a lot of cuddling on the beach. I had to sing Jingle Bells numerous times and at this point he found my zipper to be fascinating.
Playing trains in the sand.
About ready to go.
Passed out!
Stone Island certainly was interesting. Mazatlan is such a poor area of Mexico and we really appreciated that the people there tried to show us a good time. Had 'The Boy' not been so sick, we may have had a bit more fun but it certainly was the most relaxing day I have ever had on the beach.
Next Stop: Cabo San Lucas!

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