Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Day at Sea #2

On our second fun day at sea, we did much of the same. Lots of swimming, exploring, napping and eating. Life's rough, I know.

Our view from the room- more ocean and a little bit of promise off in the horizon.

'The Boy' wore the life vest today so that we could work on kicking and reaching. He is coming so far with his swimming abilities.

Swimming with 'The Mom'. I loved being in the pool because I didn't feel pregnant.

Getting a lift!

This is my face when I am begging 'The Boy' to say "cheese". Never works.

Warming up.

I took a nap (we were still above the nightclub) and 'The Boy' and 'The Hubs' went exploring.

Having a drink at the bar.

Playing trains, as usual.

My handsome guy!

Some one's looking sleepy!

That night, 'The Boy' fell asleep super early and we were able to drop him off at camp for the night. He slept through the whole thing. We had our only dinner alone...ahhhhh! Then we walked around the top deck before picking up 'The Boy'.

Alone at last!

All in all, a super relaxing day. Next stop: Puerto Vallarta!

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