Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Roundup

We are busy bee's! While we should be shopping and getting everything together for our upcoming trip, we just have too much going on around here to do so. I think that it is safe to say that next week I'll be running all over doing last minute vaca prep on my own.

We started the weekend off at 'The Hubs' parents house for a birthday dinner. I know, I know. How much birthday does one girl need? We were celebrating all the May birthdays in the family so I did have to share this time.
It was nice to see everyone and I got to spend time with my nephew Cade and niece Natalie (both 3 months) whom I've only met once. I had a nice chat with my sis-in-law, Janelle, and survived the country karaoke hour. Unfortunately, while we were having family time, some stink head keyed our car! It's always something.

Saturday was filled with housework (boring) and another appearance of my 'Hubs', the 'Squirrel Killer' (though, I should change this title to 'Squirrel Hunter' as he has not killed one single squirrel yet).
My little helper, scrubbing the kitchen floor.
We spent the afternoon at Pat and Oscar's for lunch and "feeding" ducks at the duck pond. The ducks were so filled with bread sticks that they didn't want any of ours and half of them were asleep.
'The Boy' not eating his pizza. Monkey backpacks are so much more interesting.
The Boy with a bread stick that he eventually ate instead of throwing to the lazy ducks. The whole time he yelled, "Come ear duts".

Me an 'The Boy' who refuses to look at the camera for a nice picture.

We finished off the weekend at Pala Casino with 'The Lynda'. We lounged in a poolside cabana, drank some Maggies :), and 'The Boy' showed off his new swimming skills. 'The Hubs' and I went home up $70. Not too bad. No pics because our camera battery was not charged :(. We loved the facelift but, some of the new restaraunts need to get thier stuff together. Could have done without the jackhammer breaking up the tile lobby at 3 am though.

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and wish you a good week ahead!

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