Monday, June 1, 2009

Viva, Las Vegas: Part 1

'The Hubs' took me to Las Vegas for my actual birthday and for our first weekend away from 'The Boy' since he was born. For whatever reason the whole thing was a surprise. The only thing that I knew was that we were going to Las Vegas. Here's the story in typical Johnson fashion:

'The Hubs' drops 'The Boy' off at 'The Mimi' and 'The Papa's' and walks through a patch of weeds to get to the door. He comes home and his eye is swollen to the size of a golf ball and he thinks he should go to the doctor. Thank goodness I'm a nurse-Rescue dose of Benadryl and an ice pack. Now realizing that I will have to drive.
We get on the road and five minutes in, 'The Hubs' realizes that he forgot his wallet and cell phone. Turnaround.
We get on the road (again) and 'The Hubs' falls asleep.
We stop in Barstow to gas up and go potty. 'The Hubs' is gone for half an hour. He comes out of the gas station and says, "I'm sick". We head out and I am still driving.
We stop in Baker and eat lunch at Del Taco. 'The Hubs' doesn't think this is such a bad idea even though he has some stomach bug. We head out and still I drive.
We stop in Primm so that we can switch drivers (finally) and so I can use the potty. I come out and say, "I'm sick".
'The Hubs' drives us into Vegas and we are both screaming with stomach pains. We both have the stomach flu or food poisoning. I am blindfolded (well technically I just have a jacket over my face but you get the point). 'The Hubs' is driving me in circles so that I have no clue where we are but it is just making me nauseous.
"I can't take anymore", I scream. "Pull over." We hang out at Terrible's gas station for a while. Did you know that gas stations have handy one time doses of Pepto Bismal. Thank goodness. We scarf them down like they're jellybeans.
We start up again (I'm still blindfolded) and 'The Hubs' drives around in circles again. Pepto works pretty quickly and I no longer feel like I am on the teacups at Disneyland.
We arrive at our hotel and park. I open my eyes (take the jacket off my face) and we're in a familiar parking garage. I still have no clue where we are until I turn around and see the escalator sign.
...To be continued because this post is sooooo long!

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