Thursday, July 5, 2012

American Cutie

When we were in the hospital after 'Munchkin' was born, I missed out on our community fireworks.    The city in which we live has their big 4th of July bash and fireworks the weekend before the actual 4th so as not to compete with the big(ger) city nearby.  They launch the fireworks from a park a few blocks from our house so we have a great view.  It was at that point that we promised 'Munchkin' that she would have fireworks for her birthday party every year. 

For her second birthday, the 4th was only a couple of days after her birthday party so we went with a red white and blue theme.  It was perfect.

 A little pre-party present opening.

I love the way 'Mister' is looking at PaPa.

She loved hearing everyone sing to her.

Happy birthday, Americake.

She loved her new scooter!

Nothing says you've had a great birthday like blue frosting up your nose.
Happy Birthday, 'Munchkin'!  We love you!

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