Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Swimming

 I signed 'The Boy' and 'Munchkin' up for a month of swimming lessons for the summer.  I thought they would love it.  One out of two ain't bad, I guess.  'Munchkin' adored Miss Cassie and, while she probablly didn't learn much of anything, enjoyed her time in the water.

 'The Boy' was a different story.  He was into it for the first couple of days (thankfully, one of those days was when I took pictures) and then he hated it.  I mean kicking and screaming hated it.  I'll never know why.  He just told me "I don't like swimming lessons".  And since learning to swim is a must do, he is at his old swim school and loves it.  Beats me. 

'The Boy' and Miss Cassie in happier times.

 Swimming like he loves it.

 'Munchkin' blowing bubbles.

 She loved Miss Cassie.

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