Friday, July 6, 2012

Random Samplings of June

 Shopping with mom and baby Belle.

 I just love his little bald "spot".  I wonder how long it will take for his hair to grow back in.

I attended an adorable Favorite Things party for summer.

'Mister' got in on some Razor scooter action.

Multi tasking.

Enjoying a nap in the shade.

S'mores all over her face.

Someone got caught playing in the ashes of the fire pit.

Snuggling at Disneyland.

The yummiest roasted veggie salad at Disneyland.

We finally saw World of Color.

'The Boy' had the best view of the show.


Mary Janes and Bermuda shorts...someone is way into dressing herself.

Who needs a playground when you can hang out at the Apple store?

Hanging out in the jumper roo.

Riding the Daddy bronco.

She followed this thing around all day calling it her baby.

This is where 'The Hubs' put 'Mister' for "a quick sec".  He propped his head with his toiletry bag.

'The Boy' worked on so summer school work.

They had some tea.

'Mister' crashed out in my arms during 'Munchkin's' party. 

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