Tuesday, July 24, 2012

At Five Months

  Time is just flying around here and I can hardly remember what it was like to have you growing inside of me.  Your little personality has grown so much and you have found your niche in our family. 

   You have gotten so big (17 lbs. 1oz.) and you still don't sleep through the night.  But you started on solids so we are hoping that helps.


Eating your first bite of rice cereal.

You are just the most joyful little boy.  You have so much that could make you miserable (severe eczema, acid reflux) but you keep smiling through each day.

You finally hold your own bottle.  I felt like I lost a bit of your baby-ness when this happened.  You are growing up so fast.

Still smiling!  You love playing in the jumperoo.

You rarely sleep in my arms anymore but I enjoy the times you do.
I wish that I could keep you a baby forever but I so enjoy watching you grow.  I love that no matter how big you get (even when you are a big man) you will always be my baby.

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