Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chelsea's Second Birthday

On the morning 'Munchkin' turned two, we had a special birthday breakfast for her. Her birthday was during the week this year and we were having a big party for her over the weekend so we had a little family party just to celebrate her on her day.

Minnie's Bowtique is her favorite cartoon so, naturally, we had a Minnie breakfast.

The Birthday girl's seat.
A doughnut birthday cake.
On the morning of each kid's birthday, we all sing happy birthday.  It's been our tradition since 'The Boy' turned one.  Nothing like a birthday song in your pj's.
She loved blowing out the candles and her birthday tiara.

Opening Grandma Meagher's birthday card.  It was Minnie!  How did she know?

Enjoying a doughnut that is as big as her head.

She opened her present, a new Minnie cup, Minnie doll and a Minnie dress. 
Then, we took 'The Boy' to spend the day with GiGi and we were off to Disneyland to meet her favorite mouse. 
All dressed up for her special day.
We were so lucky to find her on Main Street right when we walked in.
 'Munchkin' was so excited.  She calls her Tique, for Bowtique, and she kept giggling and saying "tique" when we were having our picture taken.
We watched the firehouse show on Main Street.  She danced along to all of the songs.
We let her run around Fantasyland in her backpack.  Yes it has a leash...if you knew 'Munchkin', you would totally understand.

 She had a blast with her Mommy and Daddy.
She only had to share with one brother. 
She even got to watch the parade for the 99th time.

 And we got her first pair of ears.  She is one lucky little lady.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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