Monday, September 24, 2012

At seven Months

Little 'Mister',

    You are not so little anymore!  You have grown so much in the last month.  You are 19 pounds...19!  That's a lot for Mommy to carry around all day.  And you love for me to carry you all day long.
     You are growing in other ways, too.  I absolutely love watching you discover new things; the necklace I wear every day, my IPhone, you brother and sister's toys.  You have started sitting up on your own and I just know you'll be crawling for all of their stuff very soon.

You have been sleeping pretty well for us.  Several naps throughout the day and only occasionally getting up at night. You have had a rough go with teething this month and that has kept you up at night.  So much drooling and fussing at night but still no teeth.  Hang in there, monkey.  They'll be in soon.

You are an eating machine.  You love to eat.  You have tried a lot of new foods this month and haven't objected to much.  Kale, spinach, chicken, avocado.  You name it.  You love your bottle.  I imagine you will the toughest kid to get off the bottle when it's time.

You are so snuggable and loving.  You started giving us the most drooly open mouth kisses.  We love them as messy as they are.

We have toted you around everywhere this month.  Mommy started Bible study again and now you are big enough to hang out in the childcare room.  I was hoping that you would be sad to see me go but you love your babysitters and playing with the other kids.

You still don't say mama yet but I'm not holding it against you.  Everything is dadadada or buh-buh.  You are certainly vocal, though.  If the other kids are getting to noisy, you scream and squawk for their attention. 

We love you, our little monkey!

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