Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Samplings of August

'The Littles' had a blast at Jake's birthday party at Sensory Time.  'The Boy' was so excited to play with Luka.
He wore his new Angry Birds backpack for days before school started.
We went to see 'Brave'.  Don't you just love how little 'Munchkin' looks in her theater seat?
'Munchkin' tried out her cousin, Little Ricky's, bouncer.
Ain't that the truth!
Our back to school countdown.

'The Boy' started playing soccer.
His soccer parade.  They are 'The Nijas'.

'Mister' got dressed up.

I made a beautiful new fall wreath at a Pinterest party.

'The Hubs' started our kitchen remodel!  First step: painting the cabinets.

Holding hands in the store.  I had to take a picture.  You never know when this will happen again.

We had a special back to school dinner for 'The Boy'.  He was stoked on his crown.

'Munchkin' got her first pair of pink sparkly BOBs.

We had a pizza making night.

Saw our new favorite family movie.

Soccer field tantrum.

'The Boy' kicked the soccer ball for the first time.

I love seeing his work hanging up in the classroom.
I painted a chalkboard wall in what will someday be a homework center.

I had a few days that required this at the end of the night.

And those same days required takeout.  Thank goodness for Panera Bread drive-thru.

I love helping out in 'The Boy's' classroom.

'Munchkin' had a pajama morning which she was thrilled about.  She is very sad that summer break is over.

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