Sunday, September 30, 2012

Backyard Movie Bash

Ask an almost five year old what kind of birthday party he wants and be prepared to have him change his mind a whole bunch of times.  First, it was a camping party.  "Oh, Mommy!  I love going camping!  I want a camp out in my back yard for my birthday party!"  Then, it turned into a backyard movie party, which I thought was perfect because 'The Boy' loves movies and everything about going to see them.  He was pretty settled on that but the movie he wanted for the theme kept changing.  Until one day, and several hundred useless pins later, I said that's are having a Lorax party!

The kids had been watching the movie on repeat for weeks and he said it was his favorite movie.  It turned out to be perfect and possibly the most fun party we have ever thrown.

  'The Boy' had so much fun helping me make his birthday banner and truffula trees for the drink table.

Our yard, all decked out in truffulas.

We had a little painting project for the kids.  They all painted a flower pot to take home with flower seeds. 

Craft time was a bit chaotic but that's the way it is.

The kids ate dinner picnic style.

How adorable are these truffula tree cupcakes?

Happy birthday to you!

Great Grammy snuggled a sleeping 'Mister'.

Present time!

Testing out hisnew golf clubs.

Then, it was movie time!  We weren'y so sure about the set up but it worked out just great!

All the kiddos and their popcorn!

Such a magical movie!
I had guests sign brithday messages in our copy of The Lorax book.  This is what his friend Kaelyn wrote.  So cute!
It was such a great party and 'The Boy' was thank you, thank you thank you-ing us for days.

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