Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday

'The Boy's' fifth birthday was on a Wednesday.  Wednesday is not my favorite day for a birthday but we made it special nonetheless.  We woke up extra early and I sung him 'Happy Birthday' before he got out of bed.  I have been doing that since his very first birthday.  'The Hubs' was out of town the night before so I made a special little breakfast celebration before school.

I decorated with balloons hanging from the ceiling...

...and I made him a birthday place mat.
He enjoyed a pancake stack with sprinkles (his favorite), blew out a candle and made a wish.

Just in case you didn't know how old he was.

Then, we sent him off to school where they sang 'Happy Birthday' and he got to wear a special birthday crown.  Parents aren't allowed to bring treats in for the class.  Oh, well. 

Gigi and I picked him up and took him to meet 'The Hubs' at Red Robin (his favorite) for lunch.  He ate mac and cheese and didn't share one bite of his ice cream sundae. 

'The Hubs' took the little kids home and Gigi and I took him shopping...

...and to see a movie.

We saw Finding Nemo in 3D.  It was his first 3D movie and he wore his glosses for about half of the show.  It's his birthday...he can do what he wants to.

He had such a great 5th birthday.  He didn't even mind that he didn't get to open presents that day.  We had a huge party lined up for the weekend. 

I still can't believe that our baby is 5!  Time is flying! 

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