Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maternity Pics with Baby #3

It was cold and windy.  'The Littles' were not well behaved.  Yet, my friend Sarah, managed to make it beautiful.

 This is the happiest we will see 'The Littles' in this post.  They look thrilled, right?

 This just totally sums up my life right now.  As a Mommy, I just keep smiling through the good and the bad.

 Sad boy.  He did not like the wind.

 Trying to make 'Munchkin' smile.

One of my favorite photos of 'The Hubs' and I.

 Here we go again!

 After three pregnancies (and three maternity photo sessions) this is my most favorite picture of me and a babe.

Thank you, Sarah. 

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