Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Third Time's a Charmer

My sister-in-law, Janelle threw the baby and I our second shower.  This time with family and some friends.  The theme was 3rd time's a charm"er".  Every little detail was adorable.  Everything was charms...Lucky Charms, charms on necklaces, pictures of my 'Little Charmer'.  It was so creative and I had such a wonderful afternoon visiting with my family and friends.

First up, all of the details...

We had a hard time with choosing a middle name for our little man.  Janelle had been asking about it for a while.  I texted her the name a few days before the shower.

I love this game.  We each got a necklace with a little "L" charm on in it when we arrived and, in order to keep it, we couldn't say the words 'little', 'love' or 'Liam'.  I was doing pretty well until I started opening gifts.  Then, I started spitting them all out. 

 You would never believe how many were in the jar.  Over 400, I think.  I was way off.

Orange biggest craving!

 Such yummy food.  My other big craving...grapes!  I cannot get enough of them.

I just love these white chocolate dipped oreos.  I took some home and, this time, Johnny and I fought over these.

 36 weeks

Jen, Me and Marin...all pregnant!  Jen with her second and Marin and I with our third.

My sweet friend, Rosie and I.

 Me and Grandma Lynda and the moment I realized that I look bigger than I feel.  Haha!

We were showered with so much love!

 My mom made and prince charming diaper cake.

 Even though I just had a baby 18 months ago, I am still so amazed with all of the new stuff I didn't have.  Excited to try this one out.  Thanks, Lynda.

 Me and Robyn, my mother-in-law.

 My mom and I.

Thanks, again, Janelle.  Everything was beautiful!

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