Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January. By, IPhone

I use my IPhone as a camera quite a bit.  At the end of the month, I need a photo dump of all random things Johnson. 

This is January.

This is how 'The Littles' rang in the New Year.  We were at Dane and Janelle's with 'The Hubs' family.  'Munchkin' was the last kid standing.  She crashed at 11:55.  She was so close!

'The Hubs' became a Professional Engineer.  In the state of Hawaii.  Don't ask.

'Munchkin' helped with the dishes...

...And walked around with a spinach 'stashe for most of the night.

We played Disney Princess kitchen...a lot.

Elton John?

 New Year's and nesting is a lethal combination.  I was organizing like ca-razy!

We finally tried out Texas Roadhouse.  It was pretty good.

 We ate out quite a bit.  I have not felt like cooking.  Can you blame me?

 Someone loves pudding!

 The infamous To Do Before Baby list went up on the fridge.

'The Boy' took a train ride at the mall out of sheer desperation to entertain him on my part.  Can you see him?

'Munchkin' played on the playground in the meantime.

 We busted out our restaurant style high chair so 'Munchkin' could sit at the table with the rest of us.  I cannot even begin to explain how great this high chair is.  We got it years ago form Pottery Barn Kids...not Denny's.

 'The Boy' made some serious train tracks with lots of tunnels.  Tunnels are all the thing right now. 

 'The Littles' played in this stroller box for hours!

Uncle Michael showed off his birthday present from us.  Best.Gift.Ever!


 She fell sound asleep on the floor in her room.  Too much tea party, I guess.

This girl gets into everything!

Family movie night...Mr Popper's Penguins.

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