Saturday, January 28, 2012

'Munchkin's' First Haircut

'Munchkin's' hair had gotten a little...funky.  She had a mullet that would not grow out and, even though I would miss little pigtails, I knew it was time to send her to the salon.  And by salon, I mean Sharkee's Cutz for Kids.  She was so excited when she walked in because she was going to get 'pitty'.  She also saw the display of hair clippies and bows and wanted to pull them all down.

She picked her special seat, a blue fighter jet.  The stylist (I use that term loosely) asked how I wanted her hair cut and I specifically ordered a layered bob.  I may be the only mom who marches in to a kid's salon and orders a grown up hair style for her 19 month old. 

Wispy, mullet hair.

She was such a good girl.  She didn't really like the spray bottle coming at her but she just sat there and watched 'Happy Feet'.

Not so sure about this, Mom!

Layered bob, and cute as a button

They even sprinkled glitter in her hair.  I think she looks adorable!  Thanks goodness that mullet is history!

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