Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Island Time

When I met 'The Hubs', I waited until the third date to overwhelm him with the topic of traveling.  I waited because it was a lot to discuss.  The though of traveling was a big part of who I wanted to be and I knew it needed to be huge for the person I roped into riding this crazy journey with me.  I talked his ear off for at least an hour about all of the places I had been (which took about 10 of those minutes) and all of the places I wanted to go.  To my surprise, he sat and listened and then told me about all of the places he had seen (basically, all over the world) and all of the places he wanted to take me to see.

Shortly after we were married, we made a huge list of all the places we wanted to travel to.  Slowly, we have been checking them off our list.  We have braved some big trips, even with the kids.  We have done a lot of small trips that are just as memorable.  And I love that the two of us still love searching websites and travel brochures, planning where our next adventure will take us.

Coronado wasn't on the list though I hadn't been since I was a kid.  'The Hubs' was stationed there while we were dating but we never made it across the bridge together.  This was a spur of the moment trip for us and it was one of the best little trips we have ever taken.  It was short and not exactly well planned out but, we found a place that we love and want to come back to again and again.

I just love how the bridge welcomes you to the laid back island, how crossing over the harbor makes you leave your worries behind.  Even though it's not far from home, you fell like your crossing over to island time.

Maybe we'll stay at the famous Hotel del Coronado someday but, not likely.  We're Marriott people.  We have a reason.  Some of you know what it is.

These ducks were napping on the patio next to ours.  I had to pick up 'The Boy' over and over so he could see them. 

This was the welcoming view from our patio.  It's not the beach but, the harbor brings back so many memories for us.  We sat there that night pointing to our old memories and laughing about our dating days.

A tired little 'Munchkin' who woke up from a long nap when we walked in the door.

'The Boy' checking out our view while listening to his Mommy and Daddy excitedly talk about "the time we stayed at that hotel" and "that night we took a cruise around the harbor". 

This may be my favorite picture of 'The Boy' ever.  He saw me snapping away, kneeled down and got real close and said, "Mommy, take a picture of my cool hair".

We took in the harbor for a bit, breathing the island in, and then packed the kids back up in the car for a cruise to the beach.  It was such a lovely beach day.  A bit chilly but under crowded and mellow.  Just the way we like it.

She eats sand and loves it.  Strange.

They strolled along the water's edge for a bit before we packed it up to get some dinner.  We went for a stroll along the harbor and bundle the kids up in our jackets while we shivered our way back.  'The Hubs' and I sat up late on the patio chatting it up about the good old days and how these days are hard but even better.

The next morning, 'The Hubs' had to work.  He escaped early and left me to cuddle in bed with my 'littles'.  We had a perfect day, the kids and I.  I was worried.  Sometimes when we are out of our element, things can get out of hand pretty fast.  The island was on our side that day and everything was a breeze.

Baths in the big tub.

Breakfast at Panera where several people (who didn't work there) helped me get a high chair and watched the kids while I got my coffee.  Appears everyone was on island time.

'Munchkin' flirted with a nice man sitting behind us the whole meal. 

'The Boy' helped her practice giving kisses.

We wrapped up meal time and went to the playground where I never felt time pressuring me or the desire to leave five minutes after we arrived. 

I knew that I was going to need to be on the road for nap time otherwise I would have a very noisy ride home.  We went back to the hotel to pack things up and walked around to see the animals before heading back to our crazy world.

When we got home, 'The Boy' slept for hours.  Island time is exhausting.

Home is sweet but island time may be just a bit sweeter.  'The Hubs' called me shortly after we got home and I begged him to go back soon.  He said that we finally found a little home away from home.  We're already planning our next escape.


DeBran said...

lol...we felt the same exact way and we were only there for a day! LOVE it there. ;) Great post, great pics!!

Jodee said...

I love, love, love Coronado! In fact, it's the only beach that our kids have ever been to. Cute pictures! I can't wait to go back!

jessica said...

seriously one of our favorite places ever. and by far our favorite beach. you must stay at the hotel del atleast once! ;) the kids always get so excited to go there too! glad you had a great time!! it certainly feels like a destination..yet, so close to home! :)