Monday, April 25, 2011

At 10 Months

 Dear Munchkin,

             At ten months you do not sit still (as evidenced by my inability to take a decent picture of you).  You are one busy lady and sometimes, you exhaust me.  I don't remember your brother being this busy and I'm sure the ability to tear through a clean playroom in less than a minute is unique to you and only you.  You crawl fast, faster when you know I am after you.  You still hold onto furniture or walls to walk but you've picked up speed there, too.  You've discovered the pantry, toilets and (yikes) your brother's bedroom.  I'm pretty sure you've realized that is where we keep the good toys.  I love that you are at the age of constant discovery.

You are growing, too.  You slept and ate so much this past month, I thought for sure you'd catch up.  You are 18 lbs. 1 oz.  and still wearing 6-8 month clothes.  I love that you are such a little peanut but you are starting to get annoyed with facing backward in the car.  Just a few more pounds to go!

You sprouted one tooth and that's it.  We call you the one tooth wonder.  We're sure there are more in there.  You love to wave hello to everybody that looks your way.  You stick out your arm and wave your fist or open and close you hand as if waving to yourself.  So cute.  You blow kisses (and melt my heart) and you kiss your reflection of the shower.  You (finally) say "mum" for Mommy, as if you are connecting with your British roots.  You call your brother "bruh-buh".

 I can't believe that it has been almost a year since you came into our lives and capture our hearts.  We love you little Boo.  

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