Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Easter!

 (Note:  If you want to hear our music, you have to scroll down and press play.  I liked it much better when, if you didn't want to hear our music, you had to turn your speakers down.  Oh, well.)

Our Easter weekend started out with the very best Good Friday service I have ever attended.  Seriously.  I am still speechless.  I was recovering from food poisoning and my stomach was aching but I knew I just had to be there.  I can remember sitting in the sanctuary when they passed out communion thinking "maybe I'll just pass this time".  Then I felt guilty because, you know, Jesus died on a cross to save me from my sins so the least I could do was force down a little cracker and some grape juice.  Let's just say, God would have understood if I had taken the pass.

The next morning we dyed our eggs and baked cookies.  I love that 'Munchkin' is starting to get so excited about doing what her big brother is doing. 


'The Boy' of course wanted all green eggs.  Green would be his favorite color.  He was very upset that I mixed up the tablets and put the orange dye in the green cup.

We gave 'Munchkin' an egg and she was like 'what am I supposed to do with this?'

Then, she was like 'I get it'.


Then, it was baking time.  In our house, this means 'The Boy' is really excited about helping for about 2 minutes and then I spend hours baking and decorating alone.


Easter Morning...

Easter basket for the grownups. :)

Round one of Easter baskets from Grandma.

Here they come...

And the egg hunt begins...

'Munchkin' got the pink ones.  E.B. left specific instructions on that.

She was super excited when she found out they were filled with puffs.


We went to church after breakfast and then headed to GiGi and Pops house for Easter Dinner.  My mom and I are always arguing over who is hosting which holiday.  I get Christmas.  She gets Easter.  And it works out just fine.

E.B. stopped by their house, also and had baskets and presents fro 'The Littles'.

Opening Tangled.


The cookies I spent hours slaving over (haha).


And, of course, E.B. left eggs behind at Gigi and Pop's house, too...

We had a wonderful Easter dinner followed by yummy dessert.  Just ask my kids...

I couldn't tell you why he is in GiGi's shirt at this point.  I do know that I had to wash and dry his clothes while we were there for some reason.

'Munchkin' crawled all over and squealed like I have never heard during her sugar high.

And, as if we didn't have enough candy and treats, basket number 2 arrived from grandma the next morning.

We had a wonderful Easter.  Thank you family!

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