Monday, April 18, 2011


 'The Hubs' took me golfing for the first time.  I was so excited that he wanted to share one of his hobbies with me and so nervous that I would be so awful that he's never take me again.  I did what I know how to do best in an effort to prepare- bought a new outfit.  At least I would look like a golfer.

We went to a lovely course in Orange County (of course, I have nothing else to compare it to) on a perfectly sunny day.  'The Hubs' rented me my own clubs, which turned out to be better than his and we got lunch and some beer to take in the cart.  Now I know why he likes golfing so much.

I lasted nine holes until I was begging asking to go.  It was hot and a lot of work!  I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be and I loved every second of it.  I am so grateful for the time together and happy to have something to share with my love.  We can't wait to go again!

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