Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're Back

 Not in a creepy, poltergeist way.  Just back at Disneyland, our second home.   I told you we'd be back and we'll be back again and again because this place is really starting to grow on me.  I could possibly turn into a Disney freak...wearing commemorative pins on a ribbon around my neck and everything.

No, really.  'The Hubs' has been away for work lately and I have to entertain these kids somehow.  He was in Pennsylvania, training at the corporate offices when I was accompanied by the littles grandparents on what turned out to be the most amazing Disney day.  Mainly because we were with the grandparents who spoil love the heck out of their grandkids.

He asked to hold his baby sister and then made this face the whole time (30 seconds) that he was holding her.

 Ridin' on the tram.  We always count how many rides we went on during the day to make sure it was worth it.  'The Boy' thinks this is a ride so, I started counting it as one.  One down...

 Walking with Pop to Autopia.  Such a cute pair.  Too bad 'The Boy' insisted on driving with me. 

 Such a patient Pop.  He let 'The Boy' play with his hat and give him a new hair do and stood in line for his favorite ride for a least a half an hour.

 "I want the green one!"  His favorite color.  We have always been able to get it.  I don't know what we'll do the day that doesn't work out.

 I love his little head just peeking out.  Someday he'll be taller than Dumbo.  I don't want to think about it.

I have always wanted to see the Celebrate parade and we have only seen it in passing.  This time, (mainly because 'The Hubs', who has no patience, wasn't there) we did it.  We sat on the curb and waited for a half an hour like I did when I was a kid. 

Enjoying an ice cream sandwich before the parade.  Courtesy of Gigi and Pop. 


 ...and waiting...

 ...and finally, it's time to Celebrate!

 I don't think that I have ever been so close to the parade action in my life!  It was so much fun and worth camping out in the hot sun for a half an hour.  I think I loved it more than the kids did.  I always wanted to be in a Disney parade.  I auditioned for one right out of high school.  Hercules, I believe.  They only needed a few dancers and I didn't make it. That was before they had 20 different parades in a day.  Too bad I can't move like I used to. 

 Minnie Mouse loved our girl.

She tried to love 'The Boy', too but he was a little shy.

 A girl after my own heart!  I have never seen 'Munchkin' so excited and happy in her whole life.  The dancers loved her and she couldn't get enough of them either.

 He came out from under his buh-buhs for a bit to play the drum.

 After the parade, we hit the rides again.  A few in Fantasyland and then we hit up Toontown where Gigi and I took 'The Boy' on the Go-Go Gadget roller coaster.  I swear to you, Gigi and I were nervous the whole time in line.  That's how much we hate roller coasters.  It was totally fun, though and had the line not been so long, I would have gone right back on it.

We visited Minnie's house... 

 ...watched her dish washer...

 ...and her oven bake a cake.  But she wasn't home so instead...

We went to see the mouse!

I can never seem to get everyone to look at the same time. 

We stayed and ate dinner at Downtown Disney and shopped for some souvenirs.  Then we went back into the park to get a seat for the fireworks.  'The Boy' fell asleep halfway through but 'Munchkin' loved them and stopped a feeding to watch the show.

 It was absolutely the perfect Disney day!

Absolutely perfect.


devon lorraine ... said...

1. totally wondering if chelsea went in for her brother's mickey ice cream sandwich!? :)

2a. as i was reading, i started thinking, 'hmm, maybe i should just move back to california and be in disney parades...'
2b. and then i laughed at myself because i know it's not actually that easy.
2c. and then i got to the part where you explain how you really did try out back in the days when we could ALL move a little better.
2d. operation move to california is canceled.

3. although the fact that you are wearing a tank top in november might reinstate the operation.

4. chelsea's face at that parade almost makes me want to take piper to disneyland when we are in california for xmas.

The Johnsons said...

Chelsea didn't go for the ice cream. I didn't even let her near it this time. I think you should reinstate operation move back to CA anyway and then our girls could grow up together. :) Better yet, stay in fabulous Chicago and we'll come visit because I have always wanted to go there and it sounds like a way more fun place to live but that's probably because I live in the sticks.