Monday, November 15, 2010


Our Halloween was a little biter sweet this year.  Our Daddy had to travel to Pennsylvania for work and left on a jet plane the morning of.  It is so sad doing a holiday without your other half, sending texts and emailing pictures as the night went on so he wouldn't miss a thing.  Never again!

Lucky for us, my brother and his girlfriend paid us a visit and made up for our missing Daddy.  It was the perfect night.  We had such a whirlwind of a week and I wanted a mellow night which is exactly what we got.  I turned off my porch light and headed over to Gigi and Pop's for the evening.

 Opening his Halloween gift from Gigi.  Since when do we get presents for Halloween?  Since always!

 He got a new train and as far as he was concerned, we could have ended the night right then and there and he would have been happy.

 'Munchkin' got a new toy, too.

 We ate a delicious dinner of mummy dogs...

 ...and the traditional Halloween chili.  And by ate I mean that the grownups ate while 'The Boy' chugged his new train around the table.

 Hey, little ladybug!

 Every race car driver needs a buh-buhs lanket.

 He wasn't sure whether to use the pumpkin or the gift bag.

 With Gigi and Pop.

 Off we go... in sandals with socks because he forgot his sneakers at Mimi's.

 Walking with Uncle Mikey and Gigi, who is wearing a witch hat that looks like a construction cone from this angle.

 Me and my bud.  Not the best picture but at least I am in one.

We trick-or-treated down one side of the street and when we got to the end, 'The Boy' said, "I go back to Gigi's now".  We kept going.  For a long time. And we walked far.  With no stroller because I didn't think we would go too far.  And he asked to go back to Gigi's the whole time.  He was so excited when we got back and my arm was completely numb from carry my sleeping babe.

 The candy stash.  It looks bigger than it is. 

We had a nice night, me and my littles.  We missed you, Daddy!  Happy Halloween.

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