Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Peltzer Farm

We headed to Peltzer Farm to pick out our pumpkins.  We didn't make it here last year (I was super sick with morning sickness) and I am so glad we were able to squeeze it in this year.  I love it here.  It reminds me of what pumpkin patches were like when I was a kid and before bounce houses arrived on the scene.  It totally put us in the mood for fall.

The weather was perfect!  It had just started to cool down and was rainy that morning but, the skies cleared for our visit.  Both of the littles napped on the way there which I would say was a shame but I'm not sure how much they would have appreciated a drive through wine country.

See those rain clouds clearing out? 

My boys with Uncle Travis and Logan.

 Trying to check out the pig races.

 Heading into the petting zoo for the first time.  She was not impressed and stayed content in her Daddy's arms.

 Gettin' some feed.

 Half distracted and the only way I could get him to pet any of the animals.

 Checkin' out the baby ducks.

 Crazy, beautiful turkey.

 Fighting over the feed.  Boys!

 See?  Not impressed.  She was too busy making bubbles.

 Getting a good hand washing.

 Taking a time out to enjoy a Shrek Popsicle.

 This is wrong in so many ways.  Adorable but, this is her first taste of food other than formula.  Hope this doesn't get us in trouble down the road.

 Me and my gal.

 It's pumpkin pickin' time.

 This is it!  He always picks a small one.

Boo, to you little ghost.

 Bonding while I help 'The Boy' find the perfect pumpkin.

 My loves.  'The Boy' thought this was the funniest thing!

 Sweet, lil' pumpkin.

 'I'm too busy" was the response I got when I asked him to look at the camera.  He's growing up waaaaay too fast!

 Me and my bud.

Couldn't have said it better myself.  So much fun but so tiring all at the same time. 

Happy fall, y'all!


C@r!ie said...

I think ice cream is an excellent choice for her first food ;) who doesn't love ice cream!! :)

devon lorraine ... said...

umm, i am horrible: that sign, next to that lady. bad.

the popsicle picture is irresistable. so is the munchkin sitting in the boy's lap. i used to think she looked just like you, but now that i see her next to her dad, i think she looks like him too.

The Johnsons said...

@Devon- I thought the same thing! I so need to learn photoshop.