Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday 2 You, Tyler!

Our little man turned 2 on September 26th. I cannot believe how time is flying! We had a few celebrations for 'The Boy'. Welcome to the family, kiddo. It's called a birthday weekend around here.

Friday night, Grammie, Pop, Mimi, Papa, and Grandma came to celebrate with us. We ate pizza (teetzah) 'The Boys'' favorite. We opened family presents or at least tried to. We started with the super fun playhouse from Grandma and Grandpa. After that, it was difficult to get his attention for anything else. We did get through his new easel (thanks Grammie and Pop) and a new dinosaur and play dough (thanks Mimi and Papa).

Saturday morning, 'The Hubs' and I woke 'The Boy' up and sung "Happy Birthday" before bringing him downstairs to meet his new favorite toy- a train table. He played non-stop for 4 hours forgoing breakfast and lunch so that he could hang with Thomas and Friends.

His big bash was on Saturday night with all our family and friends. (Pics soon to come.)

We practiced and practiced! Still needed a little help from Daddy.

This took hours to put together but it was so worth it. He loooooves it.

'The Hubs' and I are singing "happy Birthday" on the other end of the camera. Note how 'The Boy' cares only about one thing.

This action shot was taken as he was charging for his new toy. I soooo need a new camera. All the good pics in this post are from Grammie and Pop's.
Let the fun begin. That's Edward the big engine on the ground. 'The Boy' took him to bed the night before.

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