Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eating for 2, Drinking for None

That's right. We're preggers again.

I guess the cat's out of the bag since 'The Hubs' has a serious issue with keeping his mouth shut. I suppose that I can't blame him. He is super excited to be a Daddy again. I'm pretty excited too. I just think that neither of us thought this would happen so soon.

A few months ago, 'The Hubs' and I started to discuss trying for baby number 2. We thought we'd have to try for a while before any success and were planning an October or November 2010 baby. Boy were we wrong. According to our OB, the first try did it.

Let's rewind a bit...

I went to Von's with Tyler about 3 weeks ago for a routine shopping trip. Well, about as routine as it can be with a 2 year old. All of a sudden, in the cereal aisle, I felt dizzy and broke out in a hot sweat. 'Oh, my gosh', I thought, 'I'm pregnant'. I darted over to pick up a home pregnancy test before leaving. (Of course, while we were checking out 'The Boy' threw a fit and, as the checker scanned the pregnancy test, he looked at me like, 'you poor lady'.)

The next morning, I took the test and...negative. I knew that I was pregnant and that it was probably too early to test so I tested again a few days later and...negative. I started getting frustrated and began feeling more symptoms that I hadn't felt since I was pregnant with 'The Boy'.

I was so convinced that I gave up drinking and stopped lifting the heavier weights during my workout. I just knew that I was pregnant. So I went to the OB and had some blood work done. I thought that they would process it and get back to me in a few hours but, since it was a Friday afternoon, I was told that I would have to wait until Monday.

Meanwhile, I took a test on that Sunday morning and...

...positive! Halefrickinluja! I'm not crazy after all.

We are expecting our second little bundle of joy sometime this June. I haven't been to the OB to date the pregnancy yet but, according to the due date calculator on, we are due June 19th. Our first appointment is November 6th, so I will update after that.

I am now 6 weeks sober, ahem, pregnant and feeling way worse than I did with my son. The nausea is pretty bad and I have recently made best friends with my couch. Don't expect to see the good version of me for awhile. And please don't tell the crappy version of me how sick I look.

We are so excited to share our news and can't wait to keep everyone posted about our newest 'Little'.


Help Needed said...

Congrats Meg! I'm happy for you!! Hopefully its a girl!! Pink frilly things in your future!

Leslie said...

oh sweetie, sorry you're not feeling great right now! but aside from that, terrific news!! little guy's gonna have a fun sibling! v.exciting. can't wait to keep hearing about all the fun progressions.

april nelson said...

Congrats!! You guys are way ahead of us. I'm guessing it's a girl, since you're feeling so different from the first pregnancy.