Sunday, October 4, 2009

Choo! Choo! Tyler is 2!

Tyler loves trains and what better way to celebrate his second birthday than with a Thomas and Friends party. Thank you to all of our family and friend for celebrating with us. We had such a blast. Warning: Many, many pictures ahead.


We used black duct tape to make train tracks on our walkway. They led through the door and into the party room.

Close up of our banner from Celebrate Express

I was so excited to find this old railroad sign at an antique store and it was perfect for the front door.

More train track in the hallway

The dining room was the first room the guests saw when they walked through the door. I made this train to display the cupcakes. I felt so crafty making this and for me, that's huge.

Closeup of the cake train

Back of the cake train

Front of the cake train (can you tell that I am proud of this one?)

The Tyler Express- train number 2

Choo! Choo! Tyler is 2!

Wooden letters I spray painted - Choo! Choo!

The gift table and the party bags above it. I gave each kid a bag of candy, bubbles and a train whistle. They received these at the end of the party for good reason. I would like to apologize to all you parents for sending your kids home with such an annoying party favor.

Happy Birthday banner that I made. I had never made a banner before and found them to be super easy.

Another banner that I made

Party room where we opened gifts

Tyler is 2!

I made these fun little signs to label all of the food. Everything was named after the trains on Thomas and Friends - Thomas' train wheels (wheel shaped mac and cheese), Gordon's garlic bread, Lady's lemonade, etc.

Our patio where we served dinner

Thomas the Train jumper- there is only one of these available in all the Inland Empire. We were sooooo lucky to be able to get it!

Hey, Birthday boy!

Having so much fun bouncing

Time out for some apple juice. Bouncing is such hard work!

Sneaking jelly beans for the fifty thousandth time. The jellybeans were in little train dishes that I made. So bummed that I didn't get a picture of them.

My nephew, Cade. Such a cutie.

The kiddos playing on our new swing set

Okay, here comes the meltdown. 'The Boy' enjoys holding a train or two at all times. It doesn't matter what he's up to, he's always holding a train. So the meltdown started when one of his pals dared to pick up a train that 'The Boy' was not currently holding. 'The Boy' (of course) decided that he wanted to hold that train immediately and, since he's not the best sharer yet, had a meltdown when I explained to him that it was okay for other kids to play with his trains.

'The Boy' was not amused so, I thought we should get the party moving and blow out the
candles. Also not thrilled with this.

I will smile through this. You're 2 kid. I am bigger and stronger and you WILL HAVE CAKE!

He calmed down once the singing started and even made an effort to blow out his candle.

For the very first time in his life, 'The Boy' could have cared less about cake and wanted only his trains.


Maybe not...

We even survived present time.

Of course, only interested in the trains.

Thank you every body for celebrating with us. We had such a great time and loved that each of you were able to be there. See you next year (at some party facility that is not my house).


Hampers said...

Your 2nd birthday decorations are just fabulous and your home is beautiful! enjoyed your blog very much.

Leslie said...

fun blog change! also, you should submit your party to! it's spectacular! i'm v.impressed by all the craftiness you completed for such a cool event. happy bday, little guy.

PB∧Janelle-e said...

You did a wonderful job! We had a ton of fun and Cade looks so funny.. Deer in head lights LOL Happy Birthday Tyler!