Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Random Samplings of December

'Munchkin' was very insistant on wearing her hair like this.

We had fun at Pump it Up with 'The Boys' soccer team.

It was 'Munchkins' first time since she's been able to run.

She had a blast.  So did 'The Boy'.  he was off running around with his friends the whole time.

This one is having a rough go with teething.

One side of one of the pages of instructions my mom required us to leave for her when she watched 'The Littles'.

'The Boy' finally passed a level at swim.  He was so proud.

Santa's a pretty handsome fella.

'The Boy' sat on the office stairs at school one day and begged me to take a picture.  Very rare so of course I jumped at the opportunity.

'Mister' trying to figure out how to break in.

'The Hubs' had to have knee surgery to clean up a previous injury.  He decided to do it just before Christmas so that he would have three weeks at home with us. 

Post surgery, he was incredibly loopy and raved on and on about how great the coffee was.  I didn't have the heart to tell him it was instant.

Pajama day at school.  They watched The Polar Express.  pretty much 'The Boy's' favorite day of school ever!

It has been so cold in the mornings I have been using the seat heaters.  Never thought I'd need to turn those on.

'The Boy' spent hours playing with his new train set.

'Mister' loved his new motorcycle.

This is the most fun game.  Thanks, Santa!

'Munchkin' spent some time sitting on her bike.  it's going to take her a while to figure it out.

I've been putting on some miles in my new Nikes. They are runtastic!

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