Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day

Our Christmas morning was perfect.  We were, of course, woken up super early by very excited 'Littles'.  They couldn't wait to see what Santa had left under the tree.  Santa went out of his way this year.  Guess 'The Littles' were on the nice list.

'Munchkin's' pile.

'Mister's' pile.

And 'The Boy's' super hero filled pile.

They were so anxious to come downstairs but waited patiently with Daddy while I made coffee.

Of course, they ran to their piles with such excitement and joy.  I just love watching their little faces light up on Christmas morning.

'The Boy' tore through his stocking first.  I love that he does this because that's what I did when I was little.

'Munchkin' ran over to her side and begged to be put on her new bike right away.

And even 'Mister' crawled right to his pile and started playing with his new learning cube.


Matching pj's.

Opening my gifts from 'The Littles'.  They picked out their own gifts this year.  'The Boy' gave me an apple slicer and an avocado slicer.  'Munchkin' gave me a Minnie Mouse coffee cup.  And the three of them gave me an old fashioned popcorn maker.  I love it all!

'Mister' took a bottle break.

'The Boy' helped me open my new bike!

'The Hubs' opened a bunch of new running clothes and gadgets.

I love how 'Mister' is looking at 'Munchkin' on her bike.

After we tore through our presents, I made a quick festive breakfast.

'The Boy' barely took his eyes off his Kindle long enough to eat.

We went to Gigi and Pop's house for lunch and dinner and hours of present unwrapping.  I did not get a single picture.  Bad Mommy.  But a wonderful Christmas day.

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Leslie said...

holy cow, they scored! also, i have to say i thought you were all listening to some MC hammer christmas morning (that's not what the music choice logo looks like to you?). That would have been all sorts of epic. :)