Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve

We had been getting some wonderful winter weather over the holidays and we had absolutely no plans for New Year's Eve so we decided to take 'The Littles' for a quick drive to Idyllwild.  They were pretty excited.  It was their first time in the snow.  That's's only an hour away but we never managed to get up the mountain in five years!

They acted like they live in the snow.  And they would be super happy if they did.

'The Hubs' helped 'The Boy' build a teeny tiny snowman.

'Munchkin' ate her way through the white stuff.

How cute are her snow boots?

'Mister' wore a hand-me-down snow suit that was two sizes too big.

His pants were totally soaked after this and he didn't even care.  That is a big deal for this one.

Me and my little 'Mister'.

'Mister' just sat in this spot for a good ten minutes.  He looked like a little butterball stuck in the snow.  Poor guy couldn't even move his arms because he had so many layers on.

We changed clothes, grabbed some hot cocoa and headed back down the mountain to ring in the new year.  'The Hubs' stopped at the store to grab some silly string and party horns for midnight.  'The Littles' made their own pizzas and then we tested out my new popcorn maker that they got me for Christmas.

It makes the best popcorn!

Thank goodness for time differences.  We watched Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin ring in the New Year on the east coast. 

'The Littles' didn't know the difference.  They loved celebrating.  And 'Munchkin'?  Totally terrified of silly string.  Haha!

A New Year's kiss from my guy.

Happiest New Year!  Welcome 2013!
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