Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh, Buddy!

We love our elf, Buddy and he was into some serious shenanigans this year.  Here are just a few.
He welcomed 'The Littles' home when they came home after their weekend with tier grandparents.

Orange you glad that I'm your elf?

Just hanging around.  'The Littles' didn't let me close the pantry door the whole day.  Thanks for that one, Buddy.

He got into our gingerbread men and apparently went for a wild ride.

Guess he had a wild night.

Hanging around some more.

Don't forget to countdown to Christmas.

He caught 'The Boy's' cold.  Poor Buddy.

Hint, Hint.  Make me some magic cookie bars, please.
We love our little elf.  We loved watching 'The Littles' come downstairs each morning so excited to see what Buddy was up to.  I am so happy that this cheeky little fella is part of our Christmas tradition.

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