Thursday, December 20, 2012

Disney Holiday

We took 'The Littles' on a surprise trip to Disneyland.  We hopped in the car on rainy morning with our bags packed in the trunk.  They asked where we were going and we just told them "you'll see".  They all napped on the way there and didn't wake up until we pulled into the hotel parking lot.  'The Boy' said, "I know this hotel!  It's next to Disneyland!"  It had been a couple of years since we had stayed at that hotel but we couldn't fool him. 

In the lobby at our hotel.  They were so excited when we handed them their ears and told them where we were going for a couple of days.

'Mister' is getting into the whole hotel thing.

We met up with Uncle Dane and Aunt Janelle and 'The Littles' had a blast running around Fantasyland with their cousins.  Calli and 'The Boy' held hands on the carousel.  So sweet!

Me and 'Mister' in the freezing cold.

Look, ma!  No hands!

"Driving" in Toontown.

I love these crazy kids!

'Mister' took a snooze while 'The Hubs' took the kids on a ride.

Tractor riding.

These two cuddle up in the same stroller seat and fell asleep at the end of the night.  I can't wait to show them this one when they are older.

'The Hubs' and I drank hot cocoa and watched the fireworks.  'The Littles' were beat and they all slept right through the show.

The next morning, 'The Hubs' had a conference call that he couldn't get out of.  So he stayed at the hotel and I braved the park with all three of 'The Littles'.  It was not easy but seeing their smiles made it totally worth it.

Small World.

I was able to take them on three rides and we saw a bit of the Christmas parade.  It was a huge accomplishment.  A guy in line behind us told me I was his hero.  Haha!

We reunited with 'The Hubs' as soon as his call was over. 
We ate a picnic lunch and did a little shopping before heading home.  It was exhausting but the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit.

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