Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Samplings of April

April was so busy!  I thought you were supposed to stay at home and relax when you had a new baby.  Not in this house.

 Uncle Michael came for a quick visit and this is the only picture that I got.  They're bonding.

 'Munchkin' found the perfect spot to play video games.

 Someone enjoyed her chocolate toast.  I have no idea why 'The Hubs' thinks this is an acceptable snack.

 The boys in the bathtub.

 Teaching 'Mister' the really important to play Angry Birds.


 I thought I'd occupy 'The Littles' with some finger painting.  It lasted about ten minutes.

 She did not love it.  She kept saying 'ewww'.

 He sure had fun, though!

 'The Hubs' surprised me with a new laptop for being a great wife and mommy.  I sure do love him!

 This made me laugh for hours!  They are breastfeeding their babies.

 Monkeys in the tub!

 Smiley boy!

 Potty time!  This was her first time on the potty and she actually went.  We were all so excited!

 The very best way to watch Special Agent Oso.

 I made 'The Littles' a very happy pancake breakfast.

 We got a package full of clothes and toys for all of 'The Littles' from Aunt Leslie and Uncle Tim.  I think they had more fun playing in the box.

 I spent a lot of time wearing 'Mister'.  Sometimes, it's the only way I can get anything done.

 I planted our spring garden.
 My boys.

 We took a quick overnight trip to Pala with grandma who treated me to a massage.

 It was a long day.  All three of them fell asleep at dinner.  And then grandma took them to her room so that we could get a little three card poker in.  And we did not win.

I went to get my hair done and came home to this giant mess!  'The Hubs' had gotten a new tool sample case and these are the Styrofoam inserts strewn across my family room.  I swear, sometimes he is worse than 'The Littles'!

Such a crazy, busy month!!!!!

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