Friday, December 23, 2011

Xmas happenings

December was such a busy month, filled with celebrations, crafts and spending time with our family.  I usually love the holidays and jam pack them with as many activities that I can but, this year I felt kind of Scroogey.  It was hard to keep up with my growing belly and decreasing energy level.  I put off so many things to the last minute which is so unlike me but, in the end, it appears that I pulled it off.

My mom and I did it again.  Another beautiful table at the Cornerstone Church Women's Ministry Christmas Brunch.  It was a lot of hard work and procrastination on my part.  It turned out to be great in the end.

We were so lucky to be able to adopt 'Buddy the Elf' this year.  The kids loved waking up in the morning to find where he was hiding out that day.  We must have watched 'The Elf on the Shelf' movie a hundred times.  The kids couldn't get enough of it!

Mimi came over to the house to do a craft with 'The Littles' for Papa's Christmas gift.  All of the grand kids (13 in total) put their hand prints on an apron for him.  He loved it!

Daddy and 'Munchkin' danced the night away to some holiday music one night.  Melted my heart.

I got to attend 'The Boy's' preschool Christmas party.  The kids were so sugared up but he had the best time and was so excited to give Ms Veronica and Ms Sonia B their gifts.

'Munchkin' enjoyed the party (and several cookies) too.

We made it to Disneyland in the nick of time (just before our passes were blacked out).  I can't believe how big 'The Boy' is getting.  He wore his 3D glasses for the entire show of A Bug's Life.  This is huge for him.

I love to see It's a Small World all decked out.  It was such a busy day and we were so lucky to see the Christmas parade form the Small World line.  They stopped the line from moving and we had a front row view.

'Munchkin' says it was a good Disney day.  Especially once she got her hands on the lollipop.

'The Hubs' and 'The Boy' got down to the serious business of holiday crafting.

I helped 'The Boy' with the gingerbread house.  Not my most favorite activity but it brought him so much joy...

...until it all came crashing down a few hours later.

We took 'The Littles' to the grocery store for our Christmas dinner haul.  They slept the whole time.  I don't think we will likely ever see this again.

After the longest wait ever, we finally got our Christmas cards from Shutterfly.  Too bad half of them belonged to this lovely family.  Merry Christmas, Snyder's.

Walgreen's to the rescue.  They had our new Christmas cards ready in an hour and I spent the whole night frantically addressing cards so they would get out in time.

Uncle Michael arrived in town and bravely constructed a new gingerbread house with 'The Boy'.  This time it was a success.

We baked cookies.  I didn't have the energy to make dozens and dozens of different kinds of cookies this year so we just stuck to sugar cookies for 'The Littles' to decorate.

'The Boy' was a Chargers fan for half of an afternoon until I told him to knock it off or he'd break his Daddy's heart.  We're Giants fans, kid!

Looking back, as Scroogey as I felt, we had a great run of celebrating Christmas.  Next year, I'll kick it back up a notch.

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