Thursday, December 1, 2011

Like A Fish

'The Boy' has been taking swimming lessons since the beginning of the summer but, being the awful memory keeper that I've been these last 7 months, this was the first time I remembered my camera and to use it.  Never mind that I frantically searched for the camera moments before we had to leave for lessons because this was his last of the year and we don't start back up again until May. 

Eh, better late than never.

Over the last six months, 'The Boy' has gone from petrified of the the water and screaming every time he got close to the edge of the pool to jumping in and swimming small distances on his own.  His favorite, he tells me, is the back float because he gets to use his body to make a letter 'T'. 

I am so beyond proud of his growth and accomplishments (moving up two levels) in the pool.  Miss Amanda has been a wonderful teacher and we hope she has an available class come spring. 

Never thought our little guy would be such a little fish.  Just keep swimming...

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Janelle Nelson said...

yay Tyler, Cade is starting soon, hope he does as well as Tyler has ;)