Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve always has had a habit of lasting all day long for us.  The night before, we had a gift exchange with 'The Hubs' family and most of the kids spent the night at Mimi and Papa's.  It was a nice break for us but, we had some over tired, cranky kids on our hands the next day.  We started the celebrating at Gigi and Pop's for lunch and opening a few presents for 'The Littles'.  'Munchkin' also took her celebratory 3 hour afternoon nap.

My Mom's tree.

 'The Boy' opened a few new boxes of Lego's (a huge hit) and he and 'The Hubs' and Pop spent the rest of the afternoon assembling.

 So surprised with the finished product.

 Uncle Michael took his celebratory afternoon nap, too.

 'Munchkin' woke up and took a ride on the Pop roller coaster before getting dressed in her Christmas best.  We love that she closes her eyes for an even bigger thrill.  She is definitely our roller coaster girl.

 Me and our baby boy @ 30 weeks.  I still cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going!

We tried about 100 different takes and this was the best we could do for a family photo.

That night, we headed to a Christmas party with 'The Hubs' extended family.  It is always so nice to see his family all together as it happens only twice a year.  We visited and ate delicious food and exchanged gifts among the little cousins.  All of the little kids were so tired, some even asking if they could go home to sleep.

 'The Boy' fell asleep on the car ride over and didn't wake up until five minutes before we left.  Such a party pooper!

 'Munchkin' fell asleep on the way home so 'The Boy' had the very important job of getting ready for Santa's visit.

 He signed his own name this year!

 Treats for Santa...and a book.  'The Boy' thought he might enjoy something to read while he enjoyed his snack.

 We ended the night with a reading of The Night Before Christmas.  I love how our little family is creating our own holiday traditions.  Then we were off to bed...

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