Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Christmas Concert

 There is nothing like your firstborn's very first public performance.  It is one of those things that I dreamed about when I was pregnant.  And it did not diappoint.  Watching 'The Boy' sing his little heart out warmed mine like I cannot even describe.

Last year, 'The Boy' didn't start preschool until January so, we missed out on the only show they do all year.  This year,  I marked it on my calendar in September. 

He was so excitied at home when we were getting ready.  He eagerly begged us to leave the house an hour early.  He talked about it the whole 5 minute drive to school.  When we got there he ran to his teacher and told her how excited he was to line up.  He was the line leader, a very important job to have.

We were so lucky to get front row seats right in front of his spot. 

 Here comes the line leader.

Ready to sing and try to stand still for the next 10 minutes.

 Before, durning and after the songs he would point and wink at us.  Where did he learn that?

 Some of his classmates.  I love the little ones covering their ears whenever we clapped.  'The Boy' soaked the applause up.

 Singing.  The little guy next to him didn't open his mouth once.

 'Munchkin' wanted so badly to get up on stage with him.  Mimi did a great job containing her.  I think she enjoyed the performance.

 'The Boy' was even more excited when the show was over and he got to eat this awesome lollipop cookie.

 Well done, little man!  We are so very proud of you!

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