Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of Pre-K

I can't believe that 'The Boy' is in pre-K.  Mainly because that means he'll be off to kindergarten next year.  He is growing up so fast!  He was so excited for school to start and I was so ready for him to go back.  He spent the last few weeks of summer break just staring at me and telling me how bored he was.  Next summer, he'll take summer school classes.  He's that kind of kid. 
We layed out his clothes and packed his lunch the night before so getting ready in the morning was a breeze.  'The Hubs' works from home on Mondays so it was nice having an extra pair of hands.  I made a special breakfast...pancakes and sausage...his favorite.  We gave him a first day of school card and a little pep talk and then we were off.

Such a goofy kid!  I told his teachers that his claim to fame is being class clown.  They can't say they weren't warned.

All ready for a big morning.

He was so excited to get the door by himself and told us that he doesn't go to music school (his class last year had music notes on the door) because now he is a big boy and goes to hot air balloon school. 

He met his teachers, Miss Veronica and Miss Sonia B, put his lunch in his cubby and sat on the color green (his favorite) on the rug for circle time.  When we were walking out, he was already talking to some new kids and showing them his new "light-up shoes".  And, of course, I cried on the way home.  I am pregnant after all. 

We picked him up together and he told us all about his first day, beaming from ear to ear.  I love that he enjoys school and learning so much and hope that he continues to do so as the years go by.

When we got home, 'Munchkin' went down for her nap and 'The Boy' and I had activity time together.  They don't assign homework at this age but, I want to get him in the habit of doing schoolwork when he gets home.  That way it won't be so much of a shock next year.  We spent the afternoon cutting and pasting and giggling.

After 'The Hubs' finished up with work for the day, he and 'The Boy' went to the golf range to hit a bucket of balls.  'The Boy' was so excited to have one on one time with Daddy.  Then, 'Munchkin' and I met them for sushi.  I loved making the first day of school special for him and am so excited for what this school year will bring.

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