Monday, August 1, 2011

Down South

 'The Hubs' travels for work.  A lot.  And this summer, we followed.  He had to be in San Diego for a few days and it just so happened that Pop's plant shut down that same week so I got some extra help.  Sometimes we stay at an older hotel and sometimes we get lucky and stay at snazzier places.  This time we got to stay at the beautiful Marriott Marquis on the marina.  Snaz-zey!

 Hello, view!

'The Hubs' had to work up in the room as soon as we checked in...poor guy.  It was late in the afternoon but still warm and gorgeous out so, we headed off to the pool.  'The Boy' has been taking swimming lessons all summer and showed off his stuff.  It is amazing how much he has improved in such a short amount of time.  He actually gets in the water without screaming and doesn't hesitate to swim away from the steps.

We try.

That night, after 'The Hubs' wrapped up business, we went for a stroll to Seaport Village for some dinner.  I can remember, back when we were dating, we went there when our cruise ship stopped in San Diego and we were like, "Eh".  But watching the kids run around and discover it all was so much fun.

 Umbrella strollers are soooo much better.

 We had to check out the sail boats for a while.  He was in awe.

And he also loved watching the ducks at the pond.  He wanted to stay out there all night.

All night.

The next morning we got off to a slow start.  'The Hubs' had to leave very early for the day and we wouldn't get to see him again until bedtime.  We had breakfast in our pj's in the hotel's concierge lounge...where pj's are always welcomed.  Then, Gigi had to come to our room to watch 'The Littles' so that I could shower.  A peaceful shower...with the door closed...ahhh!  We finally packed up the car and decided to cross the bridge to our beloved Coronado Island.  We had no plans and, of course, ended up at the beach.  And, of course, we didn't come entirely prepared.  We had no lunch.  Only miscellaneous packages of crackers that got gobbled up real fast. 

Not our best beach trip.  I was horribly nauseous and both kids were cranky.  'The Boy' didn't even want to put on his swim suit.  And for the record, I covered us up with sunscreen as best as my sick self could. 

'Munchkin' couldn't get the hang of walking in the sand so she resorted to her old ways.

 Sandy crackers are not a favorite.

He finally put his suit on after his clothes got soaked.

We decided to pack it up a few hours later.  It's a good thing we did.  'The Littles' and I ended up with patchy sunburns and we may have been lobsters if we had stayed any longer.  We headed back to the hotel, munched on some more snacks, changed and headed out for an early dinner.

We went to Old Town, San Diego and ate at Casa de Reyes.  Such good food and 'The Littles' loved the Mexican Folklore dancing show.  You should know that a virgin mango margarita is not as good as the real thing.  I miss tequila.  We were all so famished and exhausted that we wound up with one picture from that night.

We try.

We got back to the hotel just in time for Daddy to tuck us in for the night.  The next day we went to Sea World.  I'll save that for later.  This just turned into a two parter.

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DeBran said...

oh I love that mexican place, I haven't been there in ages but used to go ALL the time. mmm...
looks like a fun "business trip." ;)