Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sea World

On the last day of our San Diego adventure, we took 'The Littles' to Sea World.  'The Boy' watches and listens to commericials on tv and kept asking to go and see the new Turtle Reef.  It was amazing!  He loved being able to stand right under them as they swam by.

On our way out of the exhibit, he saw the line for the new Riptide Rescue ride.  I was hoping to get away with telling him he wasn't tall enought but he was just over the line.  Pop rode with him because I couldn't.  They stood in line nearly a half an hour and I was so worried that he would chicken out as soon as they got to the front.  But, he didn't.

He looked a little scared to me but he said it was fun and asked to go on again.  This did not happen.  He was redirected to the sea lion show.  Then we saw the Shamu show ('Munchkin' loved it, 'The Boy' was not impressed) and walked through the penguin exhibit.  All without a single picture.  Then we decided that we were all exhausted.  We headed home but we'll be back to get more in.  I got season  passes because I'm crazy like that.  Farewell, San Diego.  We'll be back.

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DeBran said...

oh how fun!! We STILL haven't seen the turtle exhibit yet! AGH!