Thursday, December 23, 2010


Just some pictures of my halls all decked out for Christmas. 

 Our tree.  This was just the beginning of the gifts.

I am so excited to have a mantel this year.

None of our names are on Santa's list.  That's because its the naughty one.

Just in case Santa hadn't gotten the memo about the Shake-Shake bridge.

This is by far my most favorite Christmas decoration.  This is the nativity that I grew up with and it was handed down through my Dad's family.  It is in such bad shape.  I really need to think about getting it restored.

Our treat tree.

 The countdown gingerbread house.  An elf put a treat in it every night for 'The Boy' to eat in the morning.

 The cupcake wrapper wreath I made.

 Our newest edition.

 I love the holidays.  I wish I could keep it decorated like this all year.

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C@r!ie said...

your house looks beautiful! love it!